Iris E. Acquarone

Political Science PhD Candidate

I am a PhD Candidate at Rice University specializing in comparative politics. I investigate the causes and consequences of political representation, with a particular focus on historically marginalized groups in Western democracies – Western Europe and the Americas.

My dissertation research considers strategic candidate emergence and selection to explain increases in diversity of representation given the political inclusion of multiple underrepresented groups (e.g., women, racial-ethnic minorities, and younger citizens). In other projects, I explore the interrelations between political institutions, attitudes and behavior, and, political representation outcomes. In doing so, I develop new measures and data sets to better study these topics.

My interest in inequality transcends my research. I have also worked on reducing gender and racial inequality from a public policy standpoint in association with researchers and social, governmental and international organizations in Uruguay. I intend to continue promoting change through publicly engaged research.

My CV is available here.